Friday, March 25, 2011

Crysis 2

Ok so I guess this came out this week. Wasn't exactly paying much attention to it, but I hope it's good. I enjoyed the first one game.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Song of the Week #2

Ok its a little late...end of the week late but still within the week. Feeling a bit better from something I caught. But I'm back with a bang...well...more of a boom....or just a nice short preview song. Enjoy!

My Teddy Eats Children - 11 PM (Cyberoptics Remix) PREVIEW by Cyberoptics

Friday, March 11, 2011


Nomnomnom. One of my all time favorites, so much so that I pissed off my brother for playing it almost 24/7. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger brings back some good memories from high school. I was first introduced to this lovely duo's music and more specifically, this song, at the local Halo 3 launch event. Yes I know that wasn't too long ago (and yes there might be a Halo article sometime) but it was a good time for me. Went alone, saw some classmates there, hung out, became good friends for a while, and kicked ass playing games or died trying.

PS, got some things going on that aren't allowing for much blogging time. I'll update when I can and hopefully I can get through this soon. =p

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Age of flying lizards?

Nah, its Dragon Age! But not just any dragon age, its Dragon Age 2! That's right, Dragon Age 2 came out today and I just happened to snag a copy. =D
So to celebrate, I have one of the trailers for it.

I started playing as soon as possible and plan on playing it alongside WoW and Guild Wars 1 (Gotta get more stuff in my hall of monuments before Guild Wars 2!) when I can. I will say that from what I have played so far, the game is very visually appealing for me and the flow of combat is very smooth. Not to mention the choices you can make and the story. And yes, I have died a couple times from being stupid. =p

Monday, March 7, 2011

Going down

Alright get your mind out of the gutter. Just wanna share one of my favorite calmer songs. I enjoy listening to these calmer songs shortly before bed or shortly after I wake up, or just whenever I feel like! But anyways, try to enjoy this non song of the week song.

Also, as much as I like werewolves more then vampires, Vampire Weekend is a great band in my books.

PS, Twilight sucks in every aspect. Just sayin'.

EDIT: Thank you to QUELQUAR for pointing this out, I forgot to say who this is a cover of. Like Michael- said, its of Bruce Springsteen. =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tearing a rift

After having beta tested Rift since about Beta 3 or 4, the game grew on me. Its smooth and its fun to play. If I had the chance I would definitely like to play it now that its out.

However I did have a few things I didn't like as much about it, which is given. One big thing was how similar to WoW it felt. The UI, combat, classes, crafting, pvp, and pve all feel very very similar to WoW. And while I do enjoy stuff to be the same, sometimes you just want something different.

Being so similar to a very successful MMO can be a good thing. You can attract the players who enjoyed WoW for example, but they got tired of the content getting repeated and brought back. So stepping from WoW to Rift can be as easy as switching lanes on the highway.

Oh and have a flashy intro video for Rift. =)

Song of the Week #1

Ok so this may happen a few times a week, we'll see how it goes. Songs will be range from dubstep, to metal, to light rock, to, well, more techno! But lets see what we have this week.

Planet Funk - Chase The Sun - Builder Remix by Builder

This song blew me away when I first heard it, and continues to do so.

Just a small step

Well its my first blog post, but here it is! I'll be posting random movie/game/music news that I find interesting.
So, without further delay, here is one of this weeks videos!

Guild Wars 2 has definitely gotten me pretty excited, being the MMO gamer I am. The combat system along with the exploration in this game seem to be a nice change from the usual EQ clones.